Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Instrumental Hip-Hop music

World has witnessed many new forms of music in last few decades. One music genre that has literally made world dance on its tunes is hip hop music. Since 1990s, hip hop has taken many places by storm. The most interesting part about hip hop music is it is less focused on music and more oriented towards delivery of the message in form of lyrics. It redefined the way music was played and understood. Its influence was such that it became a genre in itself. Definitely an experimental form of music, hip hop has also started making its presence felt in India.

Instrumental hip hop music comprises of two categories of instrumental ad hip hop. Indian instrumental music comes from great Indian classical music whereas hip hop traces its roots to Afro-American culture. Together these two form a lethal combination. The best part about such mixing up is taking one or two local languages and mixing it with wonderful instruments. For example, one or two Indian languages are combined with percussion or instruments like sitar or veena and the resulting music is no less than mesmerizing.

Indian hip hop music is evolving. Many Indian artists have created a niche for themselves in this genre. Asoka is one of most famous hip hop artist and he is credited to perform several international shows in collaboration with renowned rappers. Several other Indian artists like, Sagar, Outlawz, PRX, OBB and Srik etc gaining popularity in this form of music.

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