Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Robot – Music Review

Robot is directed by Shankar who is known for making extravagant movies. The movie is in news for long because of Southern superstar Rajnikanth. The lead actress is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and music has been composed by Oscar winner A R Rahman. The album begins with “Naina Miley” rendered by Rahman, Suzanne DMello, Lady Kash n' Krissy. Honestly, the song has good beats but that’s about it. Doesn’t leave any impact and is just kind of okay.

Next up is “Pagal Anukan” sung by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghosal. Another average song that you can listen once or twice but that’s that. However, the song has innovative lyrics.

Third track is “Chitti Dance” and it is sure to make you fall for the Mozart of Madras all over again. The number has incendiary cocktail of break-beats, drum 'n bass, bol-scatting and a soaring string break. It is more like a western classical symphony. Rahman at his very best. Going by the music of this particular track, you can expect some killer moves by Rajni.

Next song is “Arima Arima” sung by Hariharan, Naresh Iyer, Sadhana Sargam and Benny Dayal. The song has ‘robotic’ feel but fails to leave an impact. It definitely has marching feel and distorted guitar dives but I am not sure you will be humming it for long.

“Kilimanjaro” is the next track of the album. Full of strange lyrics and average melody, this one is another downer. Same goes for track six, “Boom Boom Robo Da” which seems to fuse everything from Punjabi folk to hip hop to power chord-guitar riffing to nylon string sophistication, and yet fails to sooth or excite.

The album ends with “O Naye Insaan”, sung by Srinivas D and Khatija Rahman. Gives you that oft repeated “Robotic” feel but lacks in emotion. All in all, Robot is a let-down from Rahman’s standards.