Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indian Tribal Songs

India is known for its rich history and culture. What is the better way to represent them both than by the Indian tribal songs? These songs are very popular across the whole country as they represent the cultural diversity of our country. Almost every part of our country has something different especially, the food, the language and of course the music. This explains the wide range of Indian tribal song styles, which are found.

The best part of Indian tribal music is that it represents the culture of the particular state or region and more importantly is fun to watch and listen. Did you know that this kind of music needs no formal training? It is just passed from generation to generation. Though many youngsters these days are educated, they still like to represent their roots and dance to the melody of their tribal songs. With these songs, they celebrate their life.

You would be surprised to know that there is a tribal song for every occasion. It can be a birth, marriage or festival, tribal music offers a wide range of music for any event. It is usually played with drums and small flutes. The instruments include Dholak, Saringda, Bansuri, and many more. Each instrument is made from different materials and each of them produces different music. This factor gives the Indian tribal song a different charm and appeal.