Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Historical Bollywood Songs

We don’t need to emphasize the role of music in popularizing Indian movies. Music is perhaps the soul of a movie. Its presence in films lends a divine charm to the overall feel. Since the inception of movie culture in India, all the movies strive to have soulful tunes in the film. Not only it ensures better opening of movie but also plays a great part in easing the narration of the plot. It helps in uninterrupted flow of emotions through wonderful lyrics. During earlier times, songs relied more on lyrics instead of instruments. Heavy usage of instruments robs music of its soul. That probably explains why old songs are still popular and music lovers of all generations still prefer them.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest hit songs of Hindi movies. Indian film industry is several decades old and compiling a list of chartbuster songs is no mean task. We have hundred and thousands of hit songs that we keep humming. Talking about some old songs, these songs have become immortal and have continued to stay in our minds.

Main Ban Ke Pancchi, Aayega, Aayega Aanewala, Jaane kyaa tuune kahii, Awara Hoon, Chandan saa badan, chanchal chitavan, Din dhal jaaye, hai raat na jaaye, Ai mere pyaare vatan, Man re, tu kaahe na dheer dhare, Pyar Kia Toh Darna Kya, Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain, Bol Radha Bol sangam hoga ki nahi, Dost dost na raha, Nain lad jaihein and many more. These songs are like few drops in the great ocean of Hindi songs. We will continue exploring such gems.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Music exists in many forms. As has been said umpteen times, music knows no barriers, no boundaries and no distinction between humans. We all like music in the same way. Music heals one and all and there are very few exceptions to that. Though, we all love music, we tend to have different choices. Some may like classical and some may prefer to hum Ghazal. However there is one form of music that is based on rhyming poetry or better known as Shayari.

Many Hindi songs are based on shers and shayari. Sher is basically a couplet and a rhyming poetry is made of those couplets. Sher O Shayari is a beautiful form of poetry. If you are a fan of old Hindi songs, ghazals and Qawalis you will know what I mean to talk about. Urdu is the mother language of shayari. Infact most of the shers and shayari are in Urdu language only. Urdu is always believed to be a sophisticated language quite apt for romantic poetry. These shers manage to tug at your heartstrings. Such is the beauty of Sher O shayari. One can also found shers in other languages like Punjabi, Hindi etc.

Sher O shayari has always been an integral part of Hindustan. It is embedded in our culture. Not only is it the most prominent part of poetry but also beautifully depicted in Hindi songs. Such songs tend to be immortal. Usually very emotional in nature, Sher O shayari has definitely enriched the tradition of poetry and music.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

History of Bhangra

Think of bhangra music and you will find your hands up in the air and your feet aching to move. That’s the charm and effect of this great musical style. It’s basically a Punjabi folk dance the popularity of which has spilled across the borders. Not only India but several parts of the world have accepted the magical effects of bhangra. The origin place of bhangra is Punjab, situated in the heart of northern India. If we try to trace its origin then, bhangra basically comes as a folk dance. The celebrated Baisakhi festival of Punjab is also considered as the peaking of harvest season. People celebrated the bumper harvest with dance and songs.

With the passage of time, bhangra evolved and later on it became a part of lifestyle. Bhangra is performed in all sort happy occasions. To incorporate different styles of music and the original dance, bhangra also expanded itself. Bhangra has a happy and gay feeling about it. Probably that’s why it spread to all parts of India and subsequently world. It would not be an exaggeration to say that bhangra has turned out o be a globally renowned style of song and dance.

Evolution of music has made bhangra even more interesting. Now is the era of fusion and thus bhangra can be seen playing with elements of hip-hop, rap and other form of dance and music. The best part about bhangra is emphasis on expression. It is one of the most expressive forms of music. With lyrical nature and happy undertone, bhangra has become a subculture in itself.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Instrumental Hip-Hop music

World has witnessed many new forms of music in last few decades. One music genre that has literally made world dance on its tunes is hip hop music. Since 1990s, hip hop has taken many places by storm. The most interesting part about hip hop music is it is less focused on music and more oriented towards delivery of the message in form of lyrics. It redefined the way music was played and understood. Its influence was such that it became a genre in itself. Definitely an experimental form of music, hip hop has also started making its presence felt in India.

Instrumental hip hop music comprises of two categories of instrumental ad hip hop. Indian instrumental music comes from great Indian classical music whereas hip hop traces its roots to Afro-American culture. Together these two form a lethal combination. The best part about such mixing up is taking one or two local languages and mixing it with wonderful instruments. For example, one or two Indian languages are combined with percussion or instruments like sitar or veena and the resulting music is no less than mesmerizing.

Indian hip hop music is evolving. Many Indian artists have created a niche for themselves in this genre. Asoka is one of most famous hip hop artist and he is credited to perform several international shows in collaboration with renowned rappers. Several other Indian artists like, Sagar, Outlawz, PRX, OBB and Srik etc gaining popularity in this form of music.