Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Historical Bollywood Songs

We don’t need to emphasize the role of music in popularizing Indian movies. Music is perhaps the soul of a movie. Its presence in films lends a divine charm to the overall feel. Since the inception of movie culture in India, all the movies strive to have soulful tunes in the film. Not only it ensures better opening of movie but also plays a great part in easing the narration of the plot. It helps in uninterrupted flow of emotions through wonderful lyrics. During earlier times, songs relied more on lyrics instead of instruments. Heavy usage of instruments robs music of its soul. That probably explains why old songs are still popular and music lovers of all generations still prefer them.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest hit songs of Hindi movies. Indian film industry is several decades old and compiling a list of chartbuster songs is no mean task. We have hundred and thousands of hit songs that we keep humming. Talking about some old songs, these songs have become immortal and have continued to stay in our minds.

Main Ban Ke Pancchi, Aayega, Aayega Aanewala, Jaane kyaa tuune kahii, Awara Hoon, Chandan saa badan, chanchal chitavan, Din dhal jaaye, hai raat na jaaye, Ai mere pyaare vatan, Man re, tu kaahe na dheer dhare, Pyar Kia Toh Darna Kya, Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain, Bol Radha Bol sangam hoga ki nahi, Dost dost na raha, Nain lad jaihein and many more. These songs are like few drops in the great ocean of Hindi songs. We will continue exploring such gems.

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