Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Music exists in many forms. As has been said umpteen times, music knows no barriers, no boundaries and no distinction between humans. We all like music in the same way. Music heals one and all and there are very few exceptions to that. Though, we all love music, we tend to have different choices. Some may like classical and some may prefer to hum Ghazal. However there is one form of music that is based on rhyming poetry or better known as Shayari.

Many Hindi songs are based on shers and shayari. Sher is basically a couplet and a rhyming poetry is made of those couplets. Sher O Shayari is a beautiful form of poetry. If you are a fan of old Hindi songs, ghazals and Qawalis you will know what I mean to talk about. Urdu is the mother language of shayari. Infact most of the shers and shayari are in Urdu language only. Urdu is always believed to be a sophisticated language quite apt for romantic poetry. These shers manage to tug at your heartstrings. Such is the beauty of Sher O shayari. One can also found shers in other languages like Punjabi, Hindi etc.

Sher O shayari has always been an integral part of Hindustan. It is embedded in our culture. Not only is it the most prominent part of poetry but also beautifully depicted in Hindi songs. Such songs tend to be immortal. Usually very emotional in nature, Sher O shayari has definitely enriched the tradition of poetry and music.

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  1. Jise Muhabat na ho Usay Ehaas nhi hota,
    Ek Chehra har 1 k liye Khas nahi hota.
    Koi Agr nazron c dur ho to wo odor nhi,
    Dor to wo hay IMDAD jo DIL k paas nhi hota.

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