Monday, March 30, 2009

Folk Songs Instruments

There are number of instruments used in folk songs. It differs from region to region. However few instruments are quite common. For example, drum is one instrument frequently used by folk song musicians in many regions. These drums are far from refined and yet they produce the desired effect. Other common music instruments are, Ghungharu, Vina, Naggada, Rabab, Dholak, Saringda, Santur, Nal, Kartal, Daf, Bansuri, Ektar, Magadi, Dotar, Pung, Chimpta, and Shankh to name a few. Not every style of folk songs uses all these instruments. The primary focus is upon lyrics and atmosphere. Instruments are simply used to enhance the feel. These instruments are not refined to say so, but interestingly enough made by musician themselves. Often made up of ordinary substances, instruments used in folk songs provide that earthy charm and traditional feel.

As mentioned in previous article, folk musicians don’t receive any formal training. They just learn it from their surrounding. It’s a wonderful medium of celebrating life. Go to any part of the country and you will find people playing folk music to celebrate all types of occasions. Events like marriage, birth, festivals, arrival of monsoon etc are perfect occasions for celebrating by playing folk songs. Most of the rural parts in India celebrate harvesting with folk songs. This way they thank god and wish for better agricultural results. In tune with the culture, Indian movies have also incorporated several scenes of folk songs that have found huge popularity.

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