Monday, March 23, 2009

Indian Folk Songs

Apart from classical and filmy songs, Indian music has several other beautiful facets. One of them is Indian folk songs. Immensely rich in history, folk songs are in existence since the inception of civilization. Folk songs are popular all across the country. Al the regions in India have different folk songs culture that are so dissimilar from each other and yet enchanting enough to sooth one’s soul. Very few things match the contribution made by folk songs in terms of representing cultural diversity of India. Indian folk songs possess variety and charisma. Folk songs have also been termed as rustic representation of Indian civilization.

Almost all the regions in India boast of unique folk song a style that is entirely different from other regions. Similarity is quite restricted to usage of few instruments and nothing more. Many people confuse folk songs with tribal songs but one must note that both are completely different things. Folk songs represent celebration and fun. Mostly performed and used in particular occasions, many regions celebrate smaller things of life by indulging in folk song. Folk songs are not taught and no one has ever heard of folk songs training school. There is nothing formal about this form of enjoyment. India has produced many quality folk singers who have learned this art on their own and mastered it. Many Indian folk singers have also performed aboard and managed to enchant foreigners.

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