Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Changing Musical Trend

Songs play a major role in pulling people to the theatres. Needless to say, songs are extremely important element in the context of Hindi movies. In fact, all the regional movies also contain certain number of songs. Sometimes, songs sequence pop out of nowhere while you are watching a movie but aren’t songs supposed to be fun? Songs are a way of life for Indian public. It gives vent to our innermost emotions. Since long, we have thrived on melodious and heart warming songs of yesteryears. Modern songs have continued to make their presence felt in every sphere of our lives. The only change has occurred in the time frame of songs in our subconscious. We still find ourselves humming songs of golden era. Songs sung by Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar etc continue to rule the roost but modern day songs don’t last long in our memory.

Now our songs focus on popularity and best use of latest musical techniques. Lyrics are not the most important thing anymore. Rhythm and mixing has taken precedence over quality of lyrics. The latest trend is that a song is released, becomes the chart booster and soon it fades away from our memory. Also the fact that, genres of songs have increased tremendously, plays a major role in sustainability of a song. Now film music is not the only source of music for us. Now we have choices like filmy, pop, rock, remixes, hip-hop, trance and several other forms of music. In that sense, music in India is still evolving. It is also attracting people from diverse cultures.

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