Monday, February 16, 2009

Carnatic Musical Instruments

Our previous article talked about several musical instruments used in Hindustani music. Instruments play a major role in the final effect of musical performance. The charm will music will not remain the same without the usage of instruments. Talking about instruments used in carnatic music, there are quite a good numbers of instruments who are regularly used in the musical performance. Carnatic or South Indian music is a very rich traditional music of India. It has continued to exist since centuries and no wonder, it is popular across the many parts of the world. Many concerts of carnatic classical music have been organized in foreign territories. The most common and ubiquitous musical instrument used in carnatic music is Vina. This wonderful instrument has a long neck with seven strings. This fretted plucked lute is the most common instrument used in carnatic music concerts.

The Vina provides the effects of bansuri whereas Shehnai is replaced by a instrument named nagaswaram. The nagaswaram is a double red instrument with oboe-like looks and it also has finger holes. This is the primary instrument whereas Violin takes place as second instrument. In recent years violin has acquired a new fame thanks to some wonderful practitioners of this instrument. Apart from these several percussion instruments are used for providing rhythmic feel. One of them is Mridangam which is basically a two headed drum. It also has a double conical shape.

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