Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arrival of Female Playback Singers

As we know India is primarily a male dominated society. This factor was so evident in Indian music industry as well. The initial burst of acting was already handled by Devika Rani who mesmerized the whole of India with her performance in ‘Achhot Kanya’. In female singers, Begum Akhtar and Shamshaad Begum had started to make waves. These two were classically trained singers. Along with them, Noorjahan also made public go gaga over her divine voice. Late 30s and whole of 1940s were dominated by these singers. The mix of classical element and typically different mellowed down film music was getting quite popular. Another facet was distinctly low usage of instruments.
That period was devoided of any great techno and gadgets instruments. Songs were primarily driven by lyrics. These lyrics used to be very meaningful. Soon, the concept of females not working in bollywood was breaking down. During the process, one did not witness silent arrival of a singer who was later known as ‘Nightingale of India’. Lata Mangeshkar came at a very early age. She did not become an instant superstar however she did not have to struggle that hard. Her talent was distinctly recognized by music composers and when she got a chance to sing for movie ‘Mahal’, all the records were rewritten. The song ‘Aayega aayega, aayega aanewala’ was a huge hit and she rose to stardom. Her melodious voice later became the voice of India. It was also a beginning of new dawn for Indian music.

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