Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Magic of Music

Music! The word itself creates a kind of rhythm and beautiful sensation felt by our sensory nerves. Often wondered, why it’s so difficult to find a person who has no interest in music? I have yet to come across a person with such inclinations. Music moves all. No one can escape the charm and magic generated by music. Go to any part of the world and one will find everyone has his favorite music list. Music has such charm, such beauty!

It’s hard to imagine about the origin of music. But music is a permanent fixture in all the religions and cultures. Music is one common element among all the cultures. Even if we look through Roman culture or ancient Greek civilization, Hinduism and other native cultures, music is everywhere. Music is said to be originated from sounds of nature. The sound of animals, the sound of peacock, sound of raindrops, etc have been found to be the original inspiration. Music is the food of the soul that can help us express our innermost feelings.

This blog will strive to find various songs scattered all across the globe. From Indian point of view, this land is culturally rich and that includes music. Whether it’s our classical music (Hindustani or south Indian), or folks songs of different states or religious songs or tribal songs, one can find almost all forms of music in Indian Territory. We will continue to unearth and discover such forms of music through this blog. Needless to say, it will be a musical journey!

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