Monday, January 26, 2009

Hindustani Music Gharanas

Music knows no boundaries, no religions and no lands. As mentioned earlier, this blog will try to discover as many musical gems as possible from various parts of the world. Let’s know a bit about Indian music. One term many music lovers keep coming across is Hindustani music Gharanas. The term reflects rich tradition of Indian music. These Gharanas denote style and culture embossed in rich Indian heritage. There are several Gharanas in India and each one of them has their base in the long-established mode of musical education and learning. No gharana is similar to other one. They all are distinct and hold on their own when it comes to features, attributes and specialties. The concept of Gharanas has taken forward on the basis of Guru- Shishya culture. Every new generation of musicians have taken the mantle of carrying forward rich legacy left by their Gurus.

Talking about difference in Gharanas, the basic difference is the method in which the notes are sung. The rise of Gharanas can be attributed to ingenious approach of a genius or the guru, who gives presented composition an entirely new approach, structure and elucidation. These new structures and approach expands to every element related to music including tone, intonations, voice, pitch and other nuances. That way, a distinctly new approach is generated and which also helps in distinguishing different gharanas from one another. We will have a look at few of the Hindustani music gharans in coming articles.

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