Friday, December 18, 2009

Indian Karaoke Music

Indian Karaoke music is quite popular among Indian people. And why only Indian people? It has also got a massive fan following in many other parts of the world. Hindi karaoke songs have been in existence since long and they form an important part of Indian music history. Indian karaoke songs came to the limelight during the decade of the eighties. It was no less than a revolution that completely changed the musical landscape of the country. Earlier, it was more of classical songs based culture that took a definite turn with advent of karaoke music. One distinct element of Hindi karaoke songs is clear influence of Indian folk music. Indian music thrives on different folk traditions and most of them have been used in the mainstream music. This has proved beneficial to both the popularity of folk music as well as karaoke.

Hindi karaoke songs have also been extensively used in Hindi films. The Indian beats have been greatly used with western genres like Hip-Hop and Rap and the output of music comes simply great. Punjabi sounds in particular have been extensively used in music. True fan of Hindi karaoke music must be aware of historical equipment widely used in these songs. The common instruments being used are, Rabab, Kartal, Naggada, Nal, Daf, Dholak, Ektar, Saringda, Santur, Bansuri, Chimpta, Pung, Magadi Vina, and Shankh. These are the traditional instruments and yet they have gained massive recognition in the advanced musical tradition. All in all, the growing popularity of Hindi karaoke music proves that it is here to stay and flourish.

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