Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reiki Music

Music decides our mood. We humans often love to be lost in the magic of music. Sometimes, we associate songs with different parts of our life and revel in nostalgia. Music is a source of memories, time and places. Even the worst of moods can be perked up with help of music. Reiki has become very popular in recent times. Many people have openly accepted the benefits of the art of Reiki. In that context, it is natural that Music is used in reiki. When you practice reiki, you are taught to concentrate on flowing energy. Music is used in reiki to bring your focus on healing therapy. One starts reflecting inward in reiki and music just sets the tone for inner reflection. It makes you feel relaxed and together they work magic.

While you practice reiki, try music that has natural sounds. It could be cascading of waters or chirping of birds. Other preferred source of music is flute music, quiet electronic music, or even chants of Sanskrit verses or sacred chants of Buddha. These chants and mantras help you in concentrating better. Reiki music is used for healing that also leads to calming down of your body and mind. The background music helps you in concentrating and enhances the meditation skill. Music is always optional in reiki; however music goes well the meditation. The music also helps in augmenting whole brain synchronization. Try it, it is sure to work wonders.

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